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Presteigne Festival - Gemma Rosefield

August 25th, 3.30pm

Gemma Rosefield, winner of the 2007 Pierre Fournier Award, performs the world premiere of to Gelert on cello, composed by Rylan Gleave, at St. Andrew's Church, Presteigne.

Further event information and booking available at Presteigne Festival

HOSTILE ARCHITECTURE release show - Ashenspire + A Forest of Stars

July 29th, 7pm

Rylan Gleave performs with Ashenspire as they play their new album, Hostile Architecture, in its entirety. Ashenspire are joined by A Forest of Stars for a night of noisy, avant-garde and progressive black metal.

Further information and booking available at Stay Happening

Zeo Fawcett Solo Exhibition

July 27th, 7pm

Zeo Fawcett is a queer Scottish interdisciplinary composer and video artist based in Glasgow. His work is interested in creating experiences that explore intimacy, connection, nostalgia, and the boundaries of "human". This exhibition in particular centres on transmasculinity, explored through a number of forms. Featuring live performances from Moeliedo, Peg and Rylan Gleave

Pound / Bosphorus / Ashenspire / Tend X Matt Clay

June 17th, 7pm

Rylan Gleave performs with Ashenspire as they support Pound, a two-piece instrumental band based in Seattle, Washington, on their UK tour.

Further information available at Stay Happening

Composers with Disabilities and Momenta Dance

June 12th, 1pm

This unique program features the world premiere performance of Rylan Gleave’s piano quintet “Boyh (bringer of your hair)” alongside world premiere choreography by Julia Cox, danced by Robby Williams and Connor Cornelius of Momenta Dance Company. In addition to these commissioned works, the program includes music selected from an international call for submissions, including music by composers from Brazil, South Africa, the UK, the US, and Haiti:

“Transcendences” by Siobhan Dyson
“Wi li jou” by Julio Lubin
“Kwazekwamnandi” by Yonela Mnana
“Art Miniatures” by Ryne Siesky
“Nocturne for Cello and Piano” by Zygmund de Somogyi
“In F” by Andersen Viana

This event will be broadcast live on the Crossing Borders Music Facebook and YouTube channels.

Further information available at Crossing Borders Music

Hidden Door Festival: Stephanie Lamprea

June 9th, 7.45pm

Stephanie Lamprea is a singer of modern classical and ​avant-garde music, based dually in New York and Glasgow. Her artistic practice includes performing classical and contemporary-classical repertoire, solo recitals, chamber and large-ensemble collaborations, electronic music, multi-disciplinary performance, avant-garde noise, and improvisation.

Stephanie Lamprea performs Rylan Gleave's Capriccio at the Hidden Door Festival hosted in Edinburgh.

Further information available at Hidden Door Festival

Stephanie Lamprea + James Banner Duo

June 8th, 7pm

Stephanie Lamprea and James Banner present a set of new works for voice, double bass, and live electronics.

Tom Green: “Demeter” from The World’s Wife (2017), for Voice and Electronics
Yaz Lancaster: Mulch To Feed The Orchid’s Flame (2021), for Voice and Double Bass*
Melissa Rankin: The Birds; They Stare At Me from The Window (2022), for Voice and Electronics*
Linda Buckley: Revelavit (2011), for Voice and Electronics
Ben Gaunt: Concealed/Classified 30 (2021), for Solo Double Bass*
Oscar Ridout: Lines Going This Way and Lines Going That Way (2021), for Voice and Double Bass*
Rylan Gleave: Capriccio (2021), for Voice and Electronics

+ improvisations
*World Premiere

Further information available at ticketsource

Psappha Ensemble: The View South

May 12th, 7pm

supine (it lay) receives its world premiere by Psappha Ensemble.

Simon Holt: The Sower Psappha commission
Aaron Parker: 51°12’N/0°55’W–080115
Rylan Gleave: supine (it lay) World premiere
Bethan Morgan-Williams: Voices Go With You World premiere, Psappha commission
Mark-Anthony Turnage: Slide Stride

With Psappha: Conrad Marshall, Dov Goldberg, Benjamin Powell, Tim Williams, Benedict Holland, Catherine Yates, Kim Becker and Jennifer Langridge

Further information available at Psappha

Sonorities Presents: The Night With... Featuring Emma Lloyd

April 10th, 7.30pm

New work by Emilie Girard-Charest (violin and electronics).
New work by Egidija Medeksaite (violin and tape).
Swainsong by Rylan Gleave (violin and tape).
The Machine – Darlene Zarabozo (violin and live electronics).
New work by Emma Lloyd.

Further information available at The Black Box

Voices of the Proud: LGBT+ Composers

March 27th, 1pm

On the Sunday before Transgender Day of Visibility, join us to celebrate LGBT+ culture with Voices of the Proud: LGBT+ Composers. The program features the beauty, love, grief, playfulness, creativity, and pride of music by LGBT+ artists chosen from a call for submissions.

The livestream will share the world premiere of Rylan Gleave’s “biomimicry” for piano quintet. Rylan took the idea of biomimicry, which he calls “the emulation of natural elements, for the purpose of solving complex human problems” and asks, “what if we apply this idea to music?”

Further information available at Crossing Borders Music

Come As You Are: Vulnerability in the Concert Space, with No Divide KC and newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

March 19th, 7pm CDT (UTC-5h)
(St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri)

breach receives its world premiere by newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, alongside works by Krystal J. Folkestad, Patricia Martinez, and Colin Nossek.

In partnership with newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Mid America Freedom Band, and KC VITAs Chamber Choir.

Read more;

Unformal; An evening of experimental, queer, radical writing

February 17th, 18:00

Hosted by Eli Rose, at Ushi's Coffee Corner, Glasgow.

Events: In The Press


Lawn Crypt / Leabhar-latha live

December 3rd, 7pm

Rylan Gleave's Lawn Crypt and Rory Green's Leabhar-latha played live at The Stables, Cromarty.

More information available here;

Trans Fest Stockholm

November 21st, 2pm

Rylan Gleave hosts a singing workshop with Trans Fest Stockholm, exploring sense of voice in a creative and gender-affirming setting.

More information and book;

National Theatre of Scotland, Neurostages

STREAM AVAILABLE: 15/10/2021 - 16/09/2021

NEUROSTAGES is a neurodivergent-led platform and space for artists, creatives, communities and industry professionals to find out more about neurodiversity in performance.

A two-day hybrid festival curated by the Scottish Neurodiverse Performance Network, the programme includes performances, provocations, film, workshops and discussions online, with a limited number of tickets available for in person attendance at CCA.

More information and book;

soundfestival; Stephanie Lamprea and James Banner

October 24th, 11am

Capriccio is performed by Stephanie Lamprea and James Banner in soundfestival 2021, featured alongside works by Sonia Allori, Georgina MacDonnell Finlayson, Aileen Sweeney, Kevin Leomo, Ben Lunn, Ailie Robertson, and Emily Doolittle.

More information; 

KITH premiere; Forecast

September 11th, 17:00

The experimental musician Sofia Jernberg supports and facilitates three projects anchored in exploring music through time. The nominees bring new approaches rooted in movement, photography, and composition into their translations of concepts into contemporary sound.
With works by Flora Détraz (France), Talia de Vries (Israel), and Rylan Gleave (United Kingdom)

Watch here;

Edinburgh Fringe; Pianodrome


Pianodrome presents four stunning performances from exceptional musical acts who are passionate about bringing their deep understanding of classical chamber music to a contemporary audience. The line-up includes multi-award-winning, eight-part vocal ensemble Octavoce, engaging early music duo Musica Mundana, a whirlwind Bach-inspired improvisation by Glasgow Conservatoire graduates Fay Guiffo on violin and Simone Seales on cello, and an epic performance of operatic songs by rising stars Rylan Gleave and Callum Morton Hüseyin. This deeply moving and atmospheric concert is filmed in the Pianodrome, the world's only amphitheatre made entirely from pianos.

More information;

Come As You Are: Vulnerability in the Concert Space, with No Divide KC and newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

(St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Kansas)

breach receives its world premiere by newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, alongside works by Krystal J. Folkestad, Patricia Martinez, and Colin Nossek.

In partnership with newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Mid America Freedom Band, and KC VITAs Chamber Choir.

Read more;

Composing for Cello and Piano; Psappha Ensemble

August 2nd, 20:00

supine (it lay) is recorded and streamed by Jennifer Langridge and Benjamin Powell of Psappha Ensemble. 


Michael Betteridge  Grind
Rylan Gleave  supine (it lay)
Nilufar Habibian Az Tashanoje Khounat Avayei Barkhast 
Patrick Hegarty  idle passing
Áine Mallon  Callan
Florence Anna Maunders  Either Everything Is Or Nothing Is

Link to follow on this page;

Lunchtime Concert: Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser, Bishopsgate

June 25th, 13:00

Stolen Hours receives its first live performance by Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser, in an exploration of LGBTQ+ collections. 


Ruari Patterson-Achenbach; Piece for Maya (2021)

Sam Gooderham; Underneath all currents (2020)

(Based on The Anchor Song by Björk)

George Gerswhin; They’re writing songs of love, but not for me (1975 - 1988)

(arr. by Michael Finnissy)

Aaron Copland

Four Piano Blues (1926-1948)

Pieces 1 & 2

Improvisational interlude: Friendly Society

Rylan Gleave

Stolen Hours (2019)

Joanna Ward

That Is What A Lip Sync For Your Life Is Baby That Is High Drag At Its Finest (2020)

Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser

Unhappy Walking (2020)

John Cage

In a Landscape (1948)

Book here;

Human Bubbles; Iván Sánchez Iglesias

June 15th, 19:00

winding through seaweed receives its Dutch premiere by Iván Sánchez Iglesias, alongside works by Ed Martin, Arjan Linker, Ian Wilson, and Robin Toan.

'Human Bubbles combines music, dance, light and scenography in an attempt to create an immersive experience and to dive into a reflection of our experiences in the past year and how it has altered us as humans.'

Information at;

unbound sound: Red Note Ensemble Noisy Nights

June 13th, 16:00

cold with him receives its world premiere by Red Note Ensemble, alongside new works by Joe Stollery, Siôn Parkinson, Sera Wright, Zoe Cutler, and Jason Hodgson.

To book;

unbound sound: Red Note Ensemble with Richard Watkins

June 12th, 19:00

UNSUNG II; even from a loved one receives its world premiere by Red Note Ensemble, alongside Feda by Aileen Sweeney and Scenes from the Life of Viscount Medardo by Philip Cashian.

To book;

OVER/AT; workshops

May 23rd and 30th, 16:00

Workshops lead by Rylan Gleave, with Rufus Elliot, in collaboration with Wharf Chambers.

'This workshop is for folks who have faced barriers to singing due to gender. This could be in relation to trans, non-binary, or otherwise gender-diverse identity. The workshop has been developed by trans artists, and will be led by trans artists.'

To book;

Hindsight 2020: Rebecca Clarke

April 9-17th

Hindsight 2020 will take audiences through artist perspectives touching on some of the major collective experiences of 2020: from sourdough starter to silence, plant parenting to panic, Zoom and zeitgeist, isolation, nostalgia, and the touchstones of Black Lives Matter and the U.S. election, and into the advent of the vaccine and an anticipated return to the theatre.

Book tickets at;

Adam; BBC Scotland

March 6th, 22:15

Inspired by the life of Adam Kashmiry,  Adam tells the remarkable story of a young trans man and his struggle across genders and borders to be himself. Originally a National Theatre of Scotland stage play, Adam has been reinvented as a compelling, theatrical on-screen drama. Adam World Choir soloists include Harrison Knights and Rylan Gleave.

Available on BBC iPlayer

Neurotribes; presentation

January 30th, 11:00

Presentation on A day in the life; Material barriers and other experiences in the profession alongside composer Joe Stollery.

soundfestival: Diversions

January 30th, 13:00

Concert Diversions is broadcast, featuring Permanent Address played by Hebrides Ensemble.

Booking info (free);

soundfestival: Richard Watkins, Horn + Composer conversation

January 30th, 20:00

Premiere of UNSUNG II; even from a loved one is postponed, and composers for this concert instead discuss their new works at a panel even.

Booking info (free); 

Your Heart Out: LGBT Short Film

January 29th, 17:00

Launch of short film Your Heart Out with Kylie Kamanga, Iona Mcphearson, and Rylan Gleave, directed by Luce Howell.

CW eating disorders, gender dysphoria

Watch the film at; 

Clyde Built Radio; Zeo Fawcett

January 29th, 10:00

Zeo Fawcett plays winding through seaweed on Clyde Built Radio, recorded by Jenny Akroyd. Available at

The Diversity Initiative; Concert

January 17th, 21:30

In a sea of screaming I hear your voice receives its world premiere by The Diversity Initiative with OpusCommons.

Link to watch the livestream here;

Events: In The Press


Trans Radio UK: Samantha Jane Smith

December 29th, 12:00

Samantha Jane Smith plays winding through seaweed, recorded by Jenny Akroyd on Trans Radio UK in Classical TRANSmission. Available at;  

Crossing Borders Music: The Back of The Yards Chicago Public Library

December 1st, 23:00

in waves receives a second performance by Crossing Borders music, in association with The Back of The Yards Chicago Public Library. 

More information and link to sign up (free) here;

Explorathon 2020: Intersections

November 25th, 13:00

baby star receives its second performance by Eli Thayer, inspired by the work of Sam Pearson and originally recorded by Fraser Gordon, in Explorathon 2020 (a Scotland-wide festival of research). The University of St Andrews' Public Engagement with Research team have joined forces with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Laidlaw Music Centre to curate a new collection of eight compositions.

Link to livestream (free) here;

Crossing Borders Music: Composers with Disabilities Around the World

November 15th, 20:00

in waves receives its world premiere by Crossing Borders Music. Also featuring works by Karen Brown, Anna Jo Maxwell, Julio Lubin, SL Stahl, Minato Sakamoto, Luis Calvo, and María del Carmen Cordovez.

More information and link to livestream (free) here; 

soundfestival: Any Enemy

October 24th, 12:00

Second performance of before, and since by Any Enemy Ensemble, in soundfestival 2020.

sign up to book (free) here;

soundfestival: Ruth Morley and Alistair MacDonald

October 22nd, 12:00

UNSUNG II; Harbinger&Herald receives its world premiere by Ruth Morley of Red Note Ensemble, and Alistair MacDonald, in soundfestival 2020.

BSL Interpretation also by Rylan Gleave.

sign up to book (free) here;

The Diversity Initiative Panel

August 29th, 18:00

A discussion with other Diversity Initiative winners, live streamed on YouTube. Available at;

BBC Radio Scotland; Nevis Ensemble Commission Premiere

August 16th, 21:00

World premiere of winding through seaweed, commissioned by Jenny Gillies and the Nevis Ensemble for saxophonist Jenny Ackroyd, will be played on BBC Radio Scotland. Available at

Red Note Ensemble; Noisy Nights go digital

August 15th, 15:00

New work Heartstrings selected in Red Note's Call for Scores, premiered by Jackie Shave and Robert Irvine. Also featuring works by Sam Parnin, Erin Thomson, Daniel Nolan, Will Frampton, and Toby Stanford. Available at

Clyde Built Radio; Oli Hawker

July 11th, 11:00

Oliver Hawker plays We lay on the grass, in afternoon sunshine, from Six Weather Pictures, on Clyde Built Radio, recorded by the Gelos Duo. Available at

Clyde Built Radio; Tony Morris

June 28th, 10:00

Tony Morris plays you are embodied air, afloat, on Clyde Built Radio, recorded by Rufus Isabel Elliot. Works also by Paddy Shand, Bethaniens Dust, Cucina Povera, Ilaria Boffa, Liar Hydrant, Matthew Grouse, Mark Vernon, Alistair MacDonald, Harry Gorski-Brown, Max Syedtollan, and many more!

Available at;

The Diversity Initiative Interview

YouTube premiere

An interview with Jose Flores and Matthew Kundler, discussing recent successes in The Diversity Initiative Call For Scores - 2nd Prize in the Brass Septet Category, and an Honourable Mention in the Brass Trio Category. Available at;

Lockdown Composing: Online performance with Any Enemy

June 14th, 16:00

New work before, and since, commissioned by sound, will receive its world premiere by Any Enemy Ensemble over Zoom. Programmed alongside Rufus Isabel Elliot, Lisa Robertson, and Aidan Teplitzky. Register to attend at;

Red Note Ensemble; Noisy Nights go digital

April 17th, 15:00

New work Unpitched Skin selected in Red Note's Call for Scores, premiered by Sasha Savaloni. Also featuring works by Michael Burslem, Dorian Kelly, Georgina MacDonell and Joshua Brown. Available at

Furia (Pol) / Ante Inferno / Ashenspire / Waerteras

March 1st, 18:30

Some tracks from Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary and some new works from our upcoming album at Audio Glasgow, 14 Midland St, Glasgow G1 4PP

OVER / AT : singing ; being silent

March 11th, 19:30

Live BSL Interpretation of contemporary works, including Cage’s 4’33” reimagined as an intersectional protest by artists Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, and Sarah Hennies’ Contralto, straddling music and documentary, exploring transfeminine identity through the voice. Concert at The Glad Café, 1006a, Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2HG

Red Note Ensemble: Eight Songs for a Mad King

February 25th, 19:30

I could will receive its world premiere at Cottiers, 93-95 Hyndland St, Glasgow, G11 5PU, performed by Red Note Ensemble alongside Maxwell-Davies, Birtwistle, Mark Simpson, and Sean O'Callaghan

Events: In The Press



December 12th, 19:30

Permanent Address receives its world premiere at Diversions, a concert at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, performed by Hebrides Ensemble in collaboration with Drake Music Scotland. Featuring works by Lucy Hale, Siobhan Dyson, Ewan Mackay, Rhona Smith, Benjamin Teague, Joseph Stollery and Ben Lunn. 85-89 Clerk St, Edinburgh, EH8 9JG

Vampillia & VMO & Ashenspire & Beggar In The Heights - Glasgow

20th August, 19:00

COG Promotions present Vampillia, VMO, Ashenspire, and Beggar In The Heights. Stereo Café Bar, 20-28 Renfield Lane.

Liongeist//Old Guard//Ashenspire

July 25th, 19:00

Ashenspire perform alongside Liongeist and Old Guard at the 13th Note, 50-60 King Street, G1 5QT, Glasgow.

Plug 9: Finale with GNME & Philip Venables

May 10th, 19:30

The Strange Musician receives its world premiere at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, performed by Glasgow New Music Ensemble, and conducted by Richard Baker. Alongside works by Philip Venables, Charles Baumstark, Lucy Hollingworth, and Hei Ching Lam.

Fridays at One: Brodick Quartet

May 10th, 13:00

Don't call me that, the winner of the 2019 Dinah and Walter Wolfe Memorial Award, receives its world premiere at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, performed by the Brodick Quartet. Alongside works by Filip Holacky, Aileen Sweeney, Max Welton, and Nora Mazaraite.

Events: In The Press
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