Crossing Borders Music: Composers with Disabilities Around the World

November 15th, 20:00

in waves receives its world premiere by Crossing Borders Music. Also featuring works by Karen Brown, Anna Jo Maxwell, Julio Lubin, SL Stahl, Minato Sakamoto, Luis Calvo, and María del Carmen Cordovez.

More information and link to livestream (free) here; 

soundfestival: Any Enemy

October 24th, 12:00

Second performance of before, and since by Any Enemy Ensemble, in soundfestival 2020.

sign up to book (free) here;

soundfestival: Ruth Morley and Alistair MacDonald

October 22nd, 12:00

UNSUNG II; Harbinger&Herald receives its world premiere by Ruth Morley of Red Note Ensemble, and Alistair MacDonald, in soundfestival 2020.

BSL Interpretation also by Rylan Gleave.

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The Diversity Initiative Panel

August 29th, 18:00

A discussion with other Diversity Initiative winners, live streamed on YouTube. Available at;

BBC Radio Scotland; Nevis Ensemble Commission Premiere

August 16th, 21:00

World premiere of winding through seaweed, commissioned by Jenny Gillies and the Nevis Ensemble for saxophonist Jenny Ackroyd, will be played on BBC Radio Scotland. Available at

Red Note Ensemble; Noisy Nights go digital

August 15th, 15:00

New work Heartstrings selected in Red Note's Call for Scores, premiered by Jackie Shave and Robert Irvine. Also featuring works by Sam Parnin, Erin Thomson, Daniel Nolan, Will Frampton, and Toby Stanford. Available at

Clyde Built Radio; Oli Hawker

July 11th, 11:00

Oliver Hawker plays We lay on the grass, in afternoon sunshine, from Six Weather Pictures, on Clyde Built Radio, recorded by the Gelos Duo. Available at

Clyde Built Radio; Tony Morris

June 28th, 10:00

Tony Morris plays you are embodied air, afloat, on Clyde Built Radio, recorded by Rufus Isabel Elliot. Works also by Paddy Shand, Bethaniens Dust, Cucina Povera, Ilaria Boffa, Liar Hydrant, Matthew Grouse, Mark Vernon, Alistair MacDonald, Harry Gorski-Brown, Max Syedtollan, and many more!

Available at;

The Diversity Initiative Interview

YouTube premiere

An interview with Jose Flores and Matthew Kundler, discussing recent successes in The Diversity Initiative Call For Scores - 2nd Prize in the Brass Septet Category, and an Honourable Mention in the Brass Trio Category. Available at;

Lockdown Composing: Online performance with Any Enemy

June 14th, 16:00

New work before, and since, commissioned by sound, will receive its world premiere by Any Enemy Ensemble over Zoom. Programmed alongside Rufus Isabel Elliot, Lisa Robertson, and Aidan Teplitzky. Register to attend at;

Red Note Ensemble; Noisy Nights go digital

April 17th, 15:00

New work Unpitched Skin selected in Red Note's Call for Scores, premiered by Sasha Savaloni. Also featuring works by Michael Burslem, Dorian Kelly, Georgina MacDonell and Joshua Brown. Available at

Furia (Pol) / Ante Inferno / Ashenspire / Waerteras

March 1st, 18:30

Some tracks from Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary and some new works from our upcoming album at Audio Glasgow, 14 Midland St, Glasgow G1 4PP

OVER / AT : singing ; being silent

March 11th, 19:30

Live BSL Interpretation of contemporary works, including Cage’s 4’33” reimagined as an intersectional protest by artists Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, and Sarah Hennies’ Contralto, straddling music and documentary, exploring transfeminine identity through the voice. Concert at The Glad Café, 1006a, Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, G41 2HG

Red Note Ensemble: Eight Songs for a Mad King

February 25th, 19:30

I could will receive its world premiere at Cottiers, 93-95 Hyndland St, Glasgow, G11 5PU, performed by Red Note Ensemble alongside Maxwell-Davies, Birtwistle, Mark Simpson, and Sean O'Callaghan




December 12th, 19:30

Permanent Address receives its world premiere at Diversions, a concert at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, performed by Hebrides Ensemble in collaboration with Drake Music Scotland. Featuring works by Lucy Hale, Siobhan Dyson, Ewan Mackay, Rhona Smith, Benjamin Teague, Joseph Stollery and Ben Lunn. 85-89 Clerk St, Edinburgh, EH8 9JG

Vampillia & VMO & Ashenspire & Beggar In The Heights - Glasgow

20th August, 19:00

COG Promotions present Vampillia, VMO, Ashenspire, and Beggar In The Heights. Stereo Café Bar, 20-28 Renfield Lane.

Liongeist//Old Guard//Ashenspire

July 25th, 19:00

Ashenspire perform alongside Liongeist and Old Guard at the 13th Note, 50-60 King Street, G1 5QT, Glasgow.

Plug 9: Finale with GNME & Philip Venables

May 10th, 19:30

The Strange Musician receives its world premiere at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, performed by Glasgow New Music Ensemble, and conducted by Richard Baker. Alongside works by Philip Venables, Charles Baumstark, Lucy Hollingworth, and Hei Ching Lam.

Fridays at One: Brodick Quartet

May 10th, 13:00

Don't call me that, the winner of the 2019 Dinah and Walter Wolfe Memorial Award, receives its world premiere at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, performed by the Brodick Quartet. Alongside works by Filip Holacky, Aileen Sweeney, Max Welton, and Nora Mazaraite.

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