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Remote_CTRL Artist Residency

July - September 2021

'Of the many fantastic applications and innovative proposals we received, we've thrilled to announce our 5 Resident Artists for Summer 2021. They are: Andrea Spisto, Venus Ex Machina, Rylan Gleave, Amble Skuse, and Ben Lunn.'

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Scotsman review: The Sound Festival, various venues, Aberdeen

June 2021

'...there were similarities in sound, intimacy and fragile beauty with Rylan Gleave’s carefully orchestrated UNSUNG II; even from a loved one. Here, however, despite eloquent singing lines for violin and cello, his material was much more nervy, voices cracking as the music seemed on the verge of disintegrating – in line with its themes of voicelessness and broken trust. Though brief, it was immensely powerful, and it trod a carefully balanced line between joy and despair.'

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June 2021

'Rylan Gleave’s UNSUNG II; even from a loved one, is an extract from a longer, personal work which utilises the classic combination of flute and harp over a rocking two-note bass figure.'

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May 2021

Rufus Elliot, mastermind behind OVER/AT, and Rylan Gleave talk with Elliot Holmes about OVER/AT's EP 'FOLKS' SONGS'.

“FOLKS’ SONGS is a new E.P. from the trans music-making world of OVER/AT. It comprises three exclusive, newly commissioned audio pieces by three Scotland-based trans, non-binary, or other gender-minority artists: new songs for/by/with the Folk. It is unlike any trans music-making which has come before it in Scotland.” - Rufus Isabel Elliot

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Touretteshero Young Artist Development Programme

May-July, 2021

'We’ve chosen artists who use a range of different practices, and who cover different ground in terms of their subject matter. Experimentation is a big part of the YADP, and we’re excited to see the different techniques that will be used in each artist’s project. This is a brand-new programme for us, and we’re really looking forward to seeing the work it helps create.'

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No Divide KC; Come As You Are

May 2021

Composers for Come As You Are; Vulnerability in the Concert Space announced.

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Twelve new musicians join Paraorchestra

April, 2021

'...the musicians and creatives we work with are the lifeblood of our organisation, and there’s nothing more satisfying than finding new talent and creating opportunities to showcase them.'


PRXLUDES interview

April 2021

Rylan Gleave (b.1997) is a Glasgow-based composer and vocalist whose music addresses intersectional identity, re-contextualised natural situations, and quiet, furious resistance. Named ‘One to Watch’ 2021 by The Scotsman, Rylan’s work has been performed across the UK and USA by ensembles such as Jack Quartet NYCBritish Paraorchestra, and Red Note Ensemble, and his work was recently shortlisted for ISCM World Music Days 2021 in Shanghai and Nanning; Rylan is also the vocalist of Scottish black metal outfit Ashenspire. Rylan spoke to PRXLUDES about the development of his compositional voice, authenticity in art, and the influence of his trans and autistic identities on his work.

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Trans Day of Visibility – Music and projects we think you should hear

March 2021

'Rylan Gleave is a Glasgow based composer who is growing in renown – his work explores ‘intersectional identity, re-contextualised natural situations, and quiet, furious resistance’. His work is both personal and political, with a huge range of influences and approaches – and he has won many awards and accolades in his work already.'


International Society of Contemporary Music; Scottish Section

March 2021

'The Scottish Music Centre and New Music Scotland are pleased to announce the composers and works selected by the Scottish Section of the ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) to represent Scotland at the ISCM World Music Days 2021, taking place in Shanghai and Nanning in September this year.'

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soundfestival; VoxCarnyx review

February 2021

'It’s highly impressive what soundfestival has done to counter the limitations impacted on it by the pandemic restrictions...Gleave's moody and deep-thinking Permanent Address...'


Composer Spotlight Q&A; soundfestival

January 2021

'Rylan Gleave is a young composer and musician currently undertaking an MMus degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In 2020 sound commissioned Rylan to write a new work, 'before, and after', which was performed by musicians from Aberdeen-based ensemble Any Enemy in separate locations over Zoom as part of our lockdown composing project...'

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One to Watch, 2021, The Scotsman

January 2021

'One of the brightest lights in Scotland’s new music scene, Rylan Gleave has been especially prolific during the pandemic, he tells David Kettle.'


Red Note's Christmas 2020 Newsletter

December 2020

'So, as always, we like to use this newsletter opportunity to look back on the best experiences from 2020 and to look ahead at the exciting projects coming up next for Red Note. I - personally, as CEO - would also like to use this opportunity to pay tribute not only to the players who have worked with us, and the composers who have written for us, but to the sometimes unsung but totally dedicated staff of Red Note, who have guided us through what could have been not only a traumatic, but also potentially catastrophic year with very steady nerves and calm consideration. Thank you, very much, to you all.'

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Crossing Borders Music; Disabled Composers Around the World

October 2020

'Crossing Borders Music presents a unique, online chamber music program of composers with disabilities from Scotland, Haiti, Japan, Colombia, and the US, including four world premier works! The composers were selected from a competitive call for scores. UK autistic composer Rylan Gleave’s subtle sea soundscape “in waves” was commissioned by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for the Edinburgh Quartet in collaboration with The University of Stirling, but, because of the coronavirus, will receive its premiere performance in this virtual program. The piece is inspired by three paintings by Scottish artist Kirstie Cohen and a poem by Beag Horn, with each artist depicting waves of the Atlantic lashing into rock formations on the shore.'

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JACK Studio Artists 2020

October 2020

'JACK Studio is designed to expand our community of collaborative artists by offering composers opportunities to develop new work, hear their music performed by JACK, consult with mentors in the field, and receive recorded documentation. In its second year, JACK Studio has expanded to offer three distinct programs: commissions, workshops, and recording projects.'


sound profile 2020

October 2020

'Rylan Gleave is a composer and vocalist from the north of England, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.'

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Psappha Ensemble; Composing for...

September 2020

'Congratulations to our fantastic new cohort of composers. It was another spectacular set of submissions and we‘re sorry to have space for only 20% of the applicants. Thank you to everyone who applied.'

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North-east music festival gives go-ahead to ‘hybrid’ events

August 2020

'A live online performance by ten musicians of Aberdeen’s New Music ensemble, Any Enemy, will take place, alongside compositions by Rufus Isabel Elliot, Rylan Gleave, Lisa Robertson and Aidan Teplitzky.'

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Red Note Ensemble; Noisy Nights go Digital 10

August 2020

'As lockdown restrictions ease, we are happy to announce a third round of new music concerts with these outstanding Red Note musicians that you can enjoy from your own home every Friday at 3PM for the month of August!'


sound Commission; Flute and Electronics

July 2020

'Following a recent call for Scotland-based composers, five composers have been selected to develop new works for solo flute and electronics working alongside Ruth Morley (flute) from Red Note Ensemble and composer Alistair MacDonald. The new works will be performed during soundfestival 2020.'

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Nevis Ensemble; Commission

May 2020

'Artistically-led by Holly Mathieson and Jon Hargreaves, Nevis Ensemble will commission 11 composers to write new works as part of its online activity whilst live orchestral performances are unable to take place.'

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sound Commission; Lockdown Composing

May 2020

'Following our recent call for composers in response to the current COVID-19 lockdown and its impact on music creators, we are thrilled to announce that we have been able to offer four freelance Scottish-based composers who are not in regular employment a skills development opportunity and a small commission fee of £250.'

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The ISM Prize for Collaboration

April 2020

'Diversions was the result of a unique collaboration between Drake Music Scotland, Hebrides Ensemble and the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, aimed at addressing some of the barriers facing autistic or neurodivergent people who want to attend live music events. The result was an exceptional programme of new music by disabled composers presented with adaptations that made the environment welcoming for all audiences. Curated by composer Ben Lunn, associate artist with Drake Music Scotland and trainee artistic director of Hebrides Ensemble, the event was inspired by the idea that autism-friendly programming should “change the space, not the content”, proving that artistic integrity and accessibility are not mutually exclusive.'


Red Note / Cottiers Herald review

February 2020

'5 stars. A SHOWCASE for three of the current Leverhulme Conducting Fellows at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, this programme of music was played by an edition of the Red Note Ensemble augmented by half a dozen students from the RCS MusicLab.'

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Diversions; Queen's Hall

December 2019

'Diversions is a concert to celebrate Scotland’s creative diversity. Hebrides Ensemble and Drake Music Scotland’s Digital Orchestra have come together for a unique collaboration between acoustic and digital musicians.'


LMNS Commission

August 2019

'Live Music Now Scotland commissions young composer Rylan Gleave, recipient of the 2018/19 Kimie Composition Prize, to write music for children with additional support needs.'

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Composing without a cure interview, with Ben Lunn

July 2018

The Autistic existence is a peculiar one, especially in 2018. Constant headlines of parents’ ‘struggling to live’ with their autistic child, combined with horrific attempts to cure their children through all various crackpot theories. How do we compose in this environment? How much does it affect or influence a composer’s mindset?


Musica in Extenso; Composer Portrait Series

December 2017

'For fans of contemporary music which, given the origins of this blog, likely includes many of our followers, finding the imagination to experience these pieces is made worthwhile by Rylan’s deeply personal compositions. If heavy dissonance is not your thing, perhaps less so.  Accordion players? Get ready to feel taken seriously at last.'