Rylan Gleave

freelance composer / vocalist / performer


'One of the brightest lights in Scotland’s new music scene...'

David Kettle, The Scotsman

Ones to watch in 2021: Rylan Gleave, composer

'...an increasingly prominent presence in the Scottish new music scene, with his distinctively lyrical, sometimes quite challenging music.'

'He’s early in his career, certainly, but there’s no doubting the already assured voice across his music.'


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Keith Bruce,

The Herald

'much to savour...haunting...'


Andrew Poppy,
composer and record producer

'...the sensitivity to orchestral combinations grows out of the fragmentary poem...The sensuality of the textures reinforced by the use of silence. Something gleaned from Feldman perhaps but this music is quite different. What kind of voice lives in this world? Some of the tutti's moments suggest classical mezzo perhaps but the score encourages the possibility of a trans voice. This speaks volumes. The convention and image of singer and orchestra start to dissolve.'


Rolf Hind,
pianist and composer

'really outstanding and moving music...'


John Harris,

Chief Executive of Red Note Ensemble

'outstanding achievements for a composer of his age...'