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All Men Unto Me


Please get in touch for repertoire list or project availability.

Listen to experimental techniques at @RylanGleave.

Photography courtesy of Calum McMillan

Lawn Crypt EP

Cromarty, 2021

Rylan Gleave & Callum Morton Hüseyin || Pianodrome Sessions with Chamber Music Scotland

Rylan Gleave & Callum Morton Hüseyin || Pianodrome Sessions with Chamber Music Scotland

SUBSCRIBE to our channel and help us grow the audience for the fabulous array of local and traveling musicians filmed in the warm embrace of the Pianodrome here in Edinburgh, Scotland PIANODROME is the world’s first 100-seater amphitheatre constructed entirely from pianos. A unique playable community sculpture, and radical re-imagining of the piano in today’s throw away culture. DESCRIPTION A selection of Baroque, romantic, contemporary, and folk songs from Purcell through Britten, performed by Rylan Gleave (baritone) and Callum Morton Hüseyin (piano). The prevailing theme of this collection is yearning — be that herding ewes back to the fold, thinking fondly on a loved one — or the aching, final breaths of the Queen of Carthage, calling out to be immortalised. TRACK LIST Britten - Ca’ the Yowes Pergolesi - Nina Schubert - Doppelgänger Menotti - Black Swan Aria Britten - Last Rose of Summer Purcell - Dido’s Lament The "Chamber Sessions" were funded through the Transition Fund from CREATIVE SCOTLAND in partnership with CHAMBER MUSIC SCOTLAND. CHAMBER MUSIC SCOTLAND work with Scottish-based musicians to support their creativity and well-being, and help them develop sustainable careers creating and performing chamber music. FOLLOW Chamber Music Scotland Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: CREDITS Director and Producer: Matthew Wright Programmer: Amaya Lopez-Carromero Sound: Lewis Macdonald Camera, Lighting & Editing: Paul Maguire Join our mailing list: FOLLOW Pianodrome: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Bandcamp: And of course, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL :)

James Joyce Sang and Played Guitar

Finn Patrick McLean

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